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Trim Pregnancy Review Weight Gain

In her trim pregnancy guide, Alicia Pennington addresses each of the
three main myths about pregnancy that result in weight gain; the first of those is that you should eat as much as possible for your baby, the second is that you can't exercise during pregnancy, and the third is losing weight after having a baby is easy.

By offering her easy to follow pregnancy diet and an exercise program that takes just ten to fifteen minutes per day, she assures moms to be not only that they'll keep their weight under control, but also that their delivery will be easier, they'll suffer less from constipation and insomnia, and they'll be in much better shape once the baby is born.

She also offers tips on keeping your breasts looking good and your muscles firm; all of these things will not only ensure a healthier pregnancy, but they also head off the weight-related depression that afflicts so many women both during and after their pregnancies.

Trim Pregnancy Review Book

The Trim Pregnancy program offers a money back guarantee, but the program is such a simple and effective guide to what to eat when pregnant and exercising while pregnant that it is unlikely that anybody ever uses it. For just $47, moms to be receive the Trim Pregnancy book, as well as an audio version that can be listened to in the car or downloaded for use on an mp3 or ipod, and a bonus parenting book designed to help relieve stress.

The Trim Pregnancy program is an extremely effective pregnancy weight control and fitness guide that is written by Alicia Pennington. Moms to be may recognize her name; she is the former midwife and health expert who developed the successful Prince and Princess program to help choose your baby's gender.

Now she has created a natural and healthy diet and fitness guide that offers mothers to be a proven plan to prevent unwanted weight gain, ugly cellulite and depression. The Trim Pregnancy program is easy to follow, and has proven successful for hundreds of women around the world.

Trim Pregnancy Review Alicia Pennington

Alicia Pennington is the author of the
Trim Pregnancy Guide. She has been trusted for years by hundreds of women, first as a midwife, then as author of a popular and successful gender selection book, and now for her ultimate guide to staying fit and healthy during your pregnancy. Having gained 32 pounds during her first pregnancy, she knows from personal experience as well as from her own patients how difficult weight loss after pregnancy can be, and how easily baby weight can lead to depression.


After her own struggle she dedicated herself to assembling the best, safest diet and exercise program possible for pregnant women. In the Trim Pregnancy program, Pennington educates her readers on what changes take place in their bodies during pregnancy and what their highest priority nutritional needs are in terms of vitamins and minerals. Then the program moves on to simple diet tips on what not to eat, how to space out your meals, and what food combinations work best to avoid fat gain and cellulite. Her diet offers a three step program to ensure that you are eating what's best during the first, second and third trimesters, all using a workable, comprehensive program that ensures that you are taking in the right number of calories without going over, as well as a light workout program that won't take you more than ten minutes per day. Continued below....

Trim Pregnancy Reviews

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