Running While Pregnant

Running While Pregnant Second Trimester

One of the
major changes you will undergo on your second trimester of pregnancy will be on the shift of weight. As your belly grows, your weight distribution also shifts. Balancing issues is not an uncommon occurrence during this phase, making pregnant women like you prone to falls and slips.

If you've pursued running while pregnant, you should be taking it easier now. For your safety and your baby's as well, always run with somebody. Wear flat and comfortable shoes and drink lots of water not only during your run but before and after as well. At this point, you should also keep to even and flat tracks.

If you experience dizziness, chest pain, breathlessness even when resting, calf pain and swelling, muscle weakness and vaginal bleeding or spotting stop the exercise routine and immediately consult with your doctor. For advanced stage of pregnancy, warning signs could include decreased baby movement and early contractions.

Running While Pregnant Belly Support

can you exercise while pregnant? Yes. Running while pregnant is a viable way for you to be healthy and strong.

For better comfort, use belly bands to support your growing tummy and the lumbar area. Try to look for a belly band that is a perfect fit. It shouldn't be too tight or loose. It must be comfortable and soft against the skin. Belly bands are usually made from elastic materials for better fit. When buying your belly support for running, opt for the lighter fabrics as thick materials might warm your belly area more than it should, causing discomfort.

Fashion moms will also have a heyday choosing delightful colors and designs. Don't discard your belly support right after giving birth. You can still use them to support your still-soft belly. It is also wise to invest in a good maternity bra because you will need to support your breasts.

Running While Pregnant

A study conducted by
Melpomene Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to women's health, on pregnant runners declared that running while pregnant is safe. The research consisted of 195 women with average age of 29 years. They were running an average of 25 miles a week during the last trimester. All babies were born healthy.

While it is safe to engage in light to moderate exercises while pregnant, you shouldn't take up running if you have never done it before. Take your overall health and fitness as a gauge. If you feel tiredness or any discomfort in breathing, stop running.

Pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion can only endanger you and your baby because you will be compromising your oxygen supply. Overexertion will cause your body temperature to shoot up, which will in turn make your heart beat faster and leave you gasping for breath.

Running While Pregnant First Trimester

If you are an
active runner before your pregnancy, you can continue running as long as you it's okay with your doctor. Any form of running while pregnant should only be for exercise purposes. Do not take on any kind of training for marathons or races while pregnant.

The first trimester of pregnancy is the formation period of the major organs of your baby. Take note that pregnancy also causes your joints to loosen and running can easily strain your knees. If you're not comfortable with running, you can shift to jogging and brisk walking.

Hydration is also important when running while pregnant. Not only because you need to replenish fluid loss through sweating but during pregnancy, your body will require extra fluid to supply the amniotic fluid. Enough liquid intake will also help in preventing bladder infections that are common during pregnancy. Continued below....

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