Pregnancy Super Foods

Aside from Vitamin D, milk is also a good source of calcium, protein and carbohydrates. Vitamin D is responsible for the body's absorption of phosphorous and calcium. It also stabilizes the nervous system and normalizes blood clotting.

You can also benefit from eating lots of seafood. These super pregnancy foods are rich in omega 3 that is very healthy for the heart. Studies have confirmed that omega 3 fatty acids is instrumental in negating heart diseases by lowering the bad cholesterol in the body and at the same time increasing the level of the good cholesterol. Cods, salmon and haddock are excellent choices of omega 3 rich foods. These foods should always be included in diets for women who are pregnant.

Intake of
whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat derivatives like whole wheat flour and pasta will fortify your body's need for folic acid, iron, zinc and B vitamins.

Folic acid works to help sustain the neurological development of the baby. Center for Disease Control have released a report that lack of folic acid intake of the mother can increase the risk of brain defects on the baby by as high as 50%. Other pregnancy super foods that are rich in folic acids are liver, asparagus and papaya.

You can get ample supply of proteins, calcium, zinc, folate and carbohydrates from legumes. Include lots of lentils, chickpeas, soybeans, black beans and peanuts in your diet.

Sesame and pumpkin seeds promote skin elasticity and can lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

Super Pregnancy Foods First Trimester

The first trimester of your pregnancy is where most the baby's organs are developed. It is therefore essential that you eat healthy from day one until birth.

Aside from the dietary fibres, plant based pregnancy super foods are significantly low on the undesirable fats. Berries and broccoli always top any what to eat when pregnant list. These wonder foods are big sources for Vitamin C, folate, fluids and phytochemicals.

Vitamin C will work with your body in absorbing iron and helps in fortifying the immune system of the body. Phytochemicals are antioxidants that protect your tissues and that of your growing baby.

Super Foods During Pregnancy List

During pregnancy, you should ensure a healthy intake of
folate, calcium, iron and vitamins most particularly Vitamin D by including pregnancy super foods in your diet. This page will tell you exactly what to eat when pregnant and also give you some insight into some of the foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Careful planning of your pregnancy diet is important to both your health as we as to your baby's well-being. A lot of physical and neurological disorders among newborns have been linked to malnourished mothers. Babies are also more prone to degenerative diseases and are born below optimal weight due to malnutrition.

A perfect pregnancy diet should cover daily intake of all the recommended dietary allowances of a pregnant woman. Avoid excessive intake of sugars, process foods, coffee and the World Health Organization has advised that pregnant women refrain from taking in any kind of alcohol.

Pregnancy Super Foods List

Eggs are one of the most readily accessible foods for your pregnancy diet. It is also the cheapest of the pregnancy super foods. One egg a day will be enough to provide you substantial protein, vitamins A and B12, choline and other vitamins and minerals. You will need protein to increase your blood volume and amniotic fluid.

Its high calcium content also makes yogurt a favourite pregnancy food, and the fact that it can be deliciously partnered with your favourite fruits. Calcium is highly needed for the development of the baby's muscles and bones tissues. Yogurt can also boost immunity and reduce yeast infections.

Lean beef and lamb is an ideal source of protein and choline. Just limit yourself to the lean portions, thus avoiding the fat.

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