How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy

If you experience too much pregnancy weight gain, it may be hard for you to lose those excess pounds after delivery. Find out which foods to avoid during pregnancy and the recommended food groups.

When it comes to pregnancy and weight gain, it is crucial that you know which food items to eat and to avoid for a healthy delivery.

How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy Chart

There is a
no one size fits all principle when it comes to your pregnancy diet and how much weight should you gain during pregnancy. The amount of weight you need to acquire depends on a variety of factors such as your body mass index or BMI and pre pregnancy weight.

Your current health and your baby's health also affect your weight gain. Here are the general guidelines for pregnancy weight gain:

BMI less than 18 (underweight): 28-40 lbs:

BMI of 18 to 24.9 (normal weight): 25-35 lbs:

BMI of 25 to 29 (overweight): 15-25 lbs:

BMI of more than 30 (obese): 11-20 lbs:

If you are expecting twins, then you are likely to gain more weight.

How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy

A lot of women today are constantly faced with pregnancy and weight gain issues. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is a good way of providing your baby with all the valuable nutrients he or she needs to develop at a healthy pace. Whether you like it or not, weight gain during pregnancy is inevitable. Your baby's normal growth and development highly depend on it. Eating for two people is not a license for you to eat twice as much as your normal portions. Try to implement healthy lifestyle habits to control your weight gain, nourish your baby's health and make it easier for you to shed extra pounds after delivery.

How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy By Week

How much weight should you gain during pregnancy varies from one pregnant woman to another. The normal weight gain is around 10 to 13 kilos. The pattern for weight gain is a kilo or two during the first three months followed by a weight gain of 0.4 kilos weekly during the final six months. However, not all pregnant women follow this weight gain pattern. For instance, if you are underweight, you may find yourself putting on more than the average amount. And if you are overweight, the beginning of your pregnancy weight gain may be less than the normal range. Never try to lose weight as inadequate intake may deprive your baby of the vital nutrients needed for normal growth and development. Women who are asking how much weight should you gain during pregnancy should set aside their personal concerns for the mean time and start focusing on the health of the baby.

How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy By Month

Weight gain should be at a gradual pace during pregnancy. Expect most of the weight gain happening in the final trimester. Most doctors suggest that women gain weight at the following rate: one to four pounds during the first trimester or the first three months of pregnancy; and two to four pounds every month during the remaining months.

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