Fit and Health Pregnancy Review

The diet stresses high quality protein and dairy, grains and nuts, stock, organic fruits and vegetables and lots of water, vitamins and minerals.

By stressing a pregnancy diet that encourages eating the right quantities of the right food, Laura teaches that you will not only feel satiated; you also will not be tempted to give in to cravings or to eat empty calories or sweets; you won't want to overeat and you'll know that you've provided the best possible food for your baby.

The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Workout

The workout system presented by the Fit and Healthy Pregnancy system stresses strength training, not only to keep you fit during your pregnancy but also to prepare you for the additional physical stress of giving birth and of being a mom.

The program teaches the benefits of a strong healthy spine and good posture to alleviate many of the pregnancy-related aches and pains that so many women suffer, as well as encourages a lifelong habit of exercise that will help with losing weight after pregnancy.

Following the program will diminish the chances of you experiencing swelling, aches and pains and many of the other conditions that make so many women's pregnancies unpleasant.

Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Guide

The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy System is a comprehensive program designed to offer you a holistic approach to a glowing, vibrant pregnancy. The full lifestyle system that is offered costs just
$47, and offers the nutrition and exercise guide, as well as an amazing personal email coaching program; moms to be who purchase this program are actually provided both authors' personal email addresses so that they can answer any questions that may arise.

The program also includes a hypnosis CD to help with a stress and pain free delivery,plus a two-week shopping list, a recipe book filled with healthy options. The program offers a 100% money back guarantee.

The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy System is the result of a collaborative effort by two friends; Laura Flynn is a nutritionist and health coach, and her friend Michelle Ladd is an exercise physiologist, holistic life coach and trainer.

By working together, these two accomplished women have created a highly effective, easy to follow exercise and diet program that will not only provide you with a healthy, stress-free pregnancy that's free of excess weight gain and the aches and pains that so many women complain about; they will also help you establish nutrition and exercise habits that will serve you well long after your baby is born.

Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Review

Fit and Healthy Pregnancy System is a comprehensive system designed to help you eat and exercise safely throughout your pregnancy; expectant mothers who have followed the system have reported happy gestational periods and healthy babies, with the added bonus of having a fit body when the pregnancy is over.


The program features a 134-page downloadable guide that provides you with all the information you need on exercise and stretching and fighting pregnancy weight gain through healthy eating. They also provide extensive information about the foods to avoid during pregnancy, as well as about the essential fats that your baby needs. The program also features important information on how to avoid stress and depression.

Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Diet

The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy diet is
simple to follow, and is based on Laura Flynn's years as a nutritionist. Following her diet recommendations will not only provide all the nutrition that is best for your baby and its brain development; it will also ease the common pregnancy symptoms of hypoglycemia and constipation and set you up with healthy diet habits to last a lifetime and set your baby up with the best start possible. Continued below....

Fit and Health Pregnancy Review

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